Streamline your company communications with an innovative Dublin call conferencing unit from AG Communications

Call Conferencing Units

AG Communications provides some of the best call conferencing units available. Our products have stood the test of time, thanks to their reliability, their smooth clear audio output and their ease of use. With options available for use in all industries, our Dublin call conferencing units make company communications easier, more efficient, and streamlined for your colleagues and clients. 

Polycom Sound Station

Polycom Sound Station

Why settle for an ordinary, handset speakerphone when you can use a SoundStation®? Unlike other speakerphones that only allow one person to talk at a time, Polycom's breakthrough Acoustic Clarity Technology™ lets you have natural, free-flowing two-way discussions. Conference calls are not only more productive but also much more efficient.

Polycom Sound Station EX

Polycom Sound Station

While on a conference call, have you ever tried to interrupt someone who was making a point you did not agree with? Well, SoundStation enables you to speak at the same time as someone else so you don't have to wait for him or her to stop talking before you can break in.

For basic conferencing in small and medium-size conference rooms, choose SoundStation.

Advantages of Call Conferencing Units

Superior Quality

As a rule, using Cloud telephone technology is a time saving and cost-effective way to conduct group meetings. As the world becomes more dependent on remote working technology, custom call conferencing units, with their crisp sound and volume control, make our call conferencing units a superior choice for group meetings.

Drive Efficiency

Conference calling is one of the fastest ways to bring a group up to speed on new internal processes, new markets or for just general day to day meetings. The sound quality of our units makes for an efficient and comfortable call conferencing experience.

Extra Features

The standard features of cloud conferencing allow meetings to be easily recorded or the volume to be adjusted making meeting logging and minute taking easier than ever before.

Call Conferencing Units