AG Communications offers a range of billing systems and call logging systems to help you stay on top of your company’s commercial telephone costs

Call Logging And Billing

AG Communications provides customers with a range of call logging and billing services. Call logging is important for businesses eager to keep a record of all communications with clients, manufactures, suppliers etc. Logging helps send phone bills to the correct department within a company along with a range of other vital services.
A smooth, clear and efficient telephone billing system is essential for businesses, who want to, at all times, keep on top of their outgoing finances.
AG Communications provides the intuitive and smart solutions for these business service essentials.

Phone Bill

Phone Bill

Telephone systems are an essential part of Hotels, Hospitals, Care Homes, Clinics, Serviced offices and shared tenancies. Phone Bill will produce accurate and detailed Bills for calls made from all extensions.
☑ Produce accurate guest telephone bills fast
☑ Automatically add a price markup to calls
☑ Simple and extremely easy to use
☑ Eliminate disputes about calls made
☑ Keep call history for audit reports

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Call Explorer

Telephone Call Management is probably the most cost effective business tool any organisation can buy. Call Explorer, described as THE BEST THERE IS, will pay for itself in just a few months and continue saving money in many ways.
By listening to our customers, we have pioneered Call Explorer to be easy to use, yet very comprehensive and the most powerful Call Management System available today.

☑ Schedule staffing levels to match identified activity needs
☑ Allocate and bill telephone expenses accurately to extensions and departments
☑ Identify and eliminate costly and lengthy calls
☑ Improve customer service by reducing answering times and lost calls
☑ Monitor and optimise time taken to handle queries
☑ Optimise your network capacity at all times
☑ Identify and prevent fraudulent use of your telephone system

Call Logging & Billing FAQ