AG Communications supplies and installs call logging and call recording systems suitable for companies in all industries

Call Recording

Call recording is important for businesses eager to keep an audio record of all communications with clients, manufacturers, suppliers etc. Recorded calls can also be an invaluable training resource for new employees. Audio records also help maintain an expected quality for client phone calls and/or sales calls.

Analogue Line

For Recording and Registering Telephone Calls Recorded telephone calls are used to retrieve agreements that were made, to improve safety issues or to account for one’s actions.
The Silver Line Call Recorders for between 1 and 30 telephone lines are perfectly suited for these purposes.

Basic Rate ISDN Line

The Call Recorders automatically record all telephone traffic. Not only is the entire conversation recorded, but also important data such as the number of the caller, the exact date and time and duration of the call.

Primary Rate ISDN Line

Up to 27.600 hours of telephone calls can be retrieved and listened to using either the recorder’s keyboard or the network.