Are Plantronics Headsets Now Poly Headsets?

If you have been researching headset upgrades, you may have noticed that Plantronics is now referring to itself as poly? If, like us here at AG Communications, have been a long-term user of Plantronics headsets you may find yourself asking what happened? Has Plantrontics been bought out? Have they ceased to exist? And most importantly you’re probably wondering where to go to get the same quality Plantronics headsets. In this blog, we hope to answer all your Plantronics headset related questions.


Plantronics and Polycom


In order to understand why Plantronics is now Poly, we have to look at the company’s recent history. In March of 2018, the communication technology giant Polycom announced they had been acquired by Plantronics for the incredibly large sum of $2 billion.
For those not familiar with Polycom they offered much the same products and technology communications solutions as Plantronics. So why did Plantronics buy Polycom? According to Joe Burton, President and Chief Executive Officer at Plantronics, it was an effort to offer an even larger product portfolio.
One year after the huge Polycom and Plantronics merger, the now-massive industry Goliath relaunched itself as Poly.


What To Expect From Poly

Since relaunching as Poly in 2019 this company has announced they will be focusing on innovation. They will be looking at workspace solutions to address issues associated with audible distractions, to make huddle rooms as effective as board rooms. Some other areas of focus include creating collaboration technology designed to work in sync with a team’s current workflows. And Mobile-first solutions to address the evolving needs of the workforce. Poly has also announced its intentions to focus on a suite of cloud services that help both IT professionals and end device users.


 What Does the Merger Mean For Your Business?

It seems the merger will have little to no effect on your business. Poly (formally Plantronics) still offers the quality headsets and communication solutions they have always offered. The merger has allowed Poly to access Polycom's IP, meaning the end-users should be able to get their hands on the best of both worlds.
As always, we here at AG Communications will continue to offer the very best communication technology solutions to our Irish customers. So whether you need Plantronics headsets in Dublin or mobile-first communications solutions, please contact us today.


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