Streamline your business operations with Panasonic Software from AG Communications, offering high-end call logging systems, call recording systems, hosted cloud VOIP PBX & more.

Panasonic Software

AG Communications provides dedicated Panasonic software made in conjunction with Panasonic products and telephone systems. Panasonic software is designed with communication at its heart, offering a range of features to streamline your company communications. From audio and video chat options to call conferencing units, call logging systems, call billing systems, and more, you can rest assured of quality and reliability with Panasonic products.

UC Pro

UC Pro

UC Pro is a completely unified communication application. This fast and effective communications software is perfect for all kinds of businesses.
UC Pro was designed with the user in mind. Its user-friendly interface is partnered with its on the go functionality.
UC Pro is an all in one platform. It integrates business staples like outlook, lotus and Data source.
Future proofed for the ever-evolving world of communications technology the UC Pro platform works on tablets, smartphones, PBX/IP phone and allows for complete PC integration.

Easy Integration

Easy Integration

The UC Pro system integrates with your business' existing systems and infrastructures meaning there is little to no interference our disruption to the day to day running of your business during and after the installation process.
This all in one system combines

☑ Text Chat
☑ Voice Call
☑ Video/Audio Chat
☑ Location Sharing
☑ And a whole lot more

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Fast Communications

The UC Pro System is of particular benefit to industries dependent on mobile networking. For all types of businesses, the applications range of services and features compliment and facilitate the easy flow of communications and as such facilitate business.
For more information on the UC Pro system download the below brochure.

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