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VoIP PBX Dublin

Interested in upgrading your Dublin business phone system with a VoIP PBX system? Get in contact with our offices today. Our team of VoIP telephone installers, fully upgrade an internal phone system to a VoIP system, which allows for greater company-wide communications.
From large businesses to smaller companies, our Dublin VoIP PBX upgrades can help streamline and modernise internal and external communications.

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VoIP PBX Dublin Advantages

Some of the advantages of VoIP PBX Dublin phone systems include:

  • Unlimited concurrent calls, no more busy lines

  • Unlimited VoIP telephone calls to landline telephones

  • Unrivalled HD sound quality

  • Easy to use, auto-attendant voice menu, means calls can be easily routed to the appropriate department

  • Easily programmed agent priority settings allowing for better greater call strategies

  • Fully compatible with different business systems allowing for a seamless upgrade

  • VoIP PBX systems are compatible with both virtual and physical desktop phones.

VoIP Telephone Lines Dublin

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. This means a phone service over the internet.
A professional installed hosted cloud VoIP PBX system allows a business to take advantage of high-speed internet.
Instead of using phone lines, VoIP systems run through a broadband connection. By running a phone communication system through the internet, the quality of the sound and the functionality of the phone line is dramatically improved.

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As Standard Features of VOIP Telephone Lines Dublin

voice-mail Icon

Voicemail For All Users

We can offer voicemails to individual employees in all sized organisations.

voice-mail Icon

Voicemail To Email

Voicemails can be transcribed by accurate software that can be sent directly to your email.

Auto Attendant Icon

IVR’s / Auto Attendant

Easy to use voicemail feature that allows an automated message to be left with a direct link menu.

Hunt Groups Icon

Hunt Groups

Easy to set up hunt groups that allows parallel configuration, set up to the requirements of your company.

Call Forwarding Icon

Call Forwarding

VOIP telephone lines allow for automatic call forwarding to dedicated phone lines

Call Waiting Icon

Call Waiting

Never miss a call again with automatic call waiting. Notifications let you know when others are on the line.

Call Transfer Icon

Call Transfers

Easy, efficient and fast call internal call transfers.

Mobile Apps Icon

Mobile Apps & Soft Phones

A suite of apps are available and softphones options.

Call Recording Icon

Call Recording

Easy call recording which can automate call recordings.

To discuss how a Dublin VOIP telephone line can increase the productivity of your company’s internal and external communications, get in contact with AG Communications today.