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VoIP pbx Kildare

The advantages of the VoIP PBX phone system include:

- Clear HD Sound quality;
- An unlimited amount of on-going concurrent calls;
- Over 50 + VoIP features that can be customised to the needs of your business.

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VoIP telephone lines Kildare

VoIP stands for Voice over internet protocol, which translates as a phone service over the internet.
VoIP allows a business to take full advantage of opportunities of high-speed internet.
VoIP systems don’t use traditional phone lines, instead the system exclusively runs on a company’s broadband, improving all aspects of a phone system’s quality and functionality.

Advantages of VoIP PBX phone systems

The advantages of our VoIP PBX Kildare phone systems include:

- Fully unlimited concurrent calls e.g. no busy line
- Zero limits on VoIP telephone calls to landlines
- Pristine HD voice quality and voice recording
- Auto-attendant, Voice menu, never miss a call again
- Automated call routing and extension groups
- Fully programmable agent priority settings allowing for greater ring strategies
- Compatible with a range of different systems allowing for seamless integration with pre-excising business systems.
- Compatible with both virtual and physical desktop phones

VoIP PBX Kildare FAQ